Sunday, March 31, 2013

The White Swan (Enchanted Fairy Tales 5) by Cindy C.Bennett

As a lover of Fairy Tales, I was immediately drawn to this one. It's an interesting take on an old story. This story is absolutely modernized, but the element of the original still remains.
A girl who turns into a swan at the first light of day. Only this story has two, Odette and Odile.
Odile's self pity of herself is something anyone with siblings that are more popular than they are can relate to, as is the oblivion Odette has of the entire situation.
The fact that Odile shares Odette's situation in this story opens her eyes to all the things her self loathing prevented her from seeing.
I liked how the story is told from multiple points of view while still remaining in the third person. The chapters are labeled by the character starring in that part. It was a refreshing change from the norm.
I never really understood Benno's actions, but I understood Odile's ultimate decision. I do hope Cindy will write a sequel, a brand new fairy tale in which the White Swan and the Black Swan will be together again.
I give this book 5 of 5.  Gallataea (My 6 year old) said to give it a 10 >^.^<

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games Book 1) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is a fascinating read, even if the concept of a corrupt government abusing it's control over its citizens has been done in similar ways before, this book is certainly the most detailed and memorable one of the lot.
Katniss is a warrior even if she refuses to acknowledge this fact in herself. She has qualities most of the other tributes lack, her compassion being the biggest difference there is.
The things the tributes have to endure and do are horrifying in our world. None of can imagine the fear and heartache of having to pit our children against each other to the death for the amusement of a bunch snobbish rich people.
Personally I think Katniss teaming up with Rue was a good thing. And regardless of the reasoning behind it, it was very strategic on both their parts. Both girls can move quickly and silently, and both accompany each other nicely in terms of food.
The Careers' trap is simple ingenious really. what better way to eliminate the competition? They however didn't factor in how cunning Katniss is, too bad for them really.
Katniss' closeness to the little girl Rue really made me cry. In my opinion a child that young should no way have been forced to compete with kids much bigger than she was. I like and respect Katniss for how she not only friended the little girl but honored her as well.
The gesture in District 11, when they gave Katniss the loaf of fresh bread after what she'd done for Rue doesn't go unnoticed by Katniss, and certainly by the reader either. I assure you my heart broke a second time in that small gesture of gratitude from the struggling district.
I'm unsure how believable Peeta still being alive when Katniss finds him is. Then again, like the tributes, the reader loses track of the days as well. What seemed like two or three weeks of events could very well have only been a few days.
Katniss overcoming her fears and distaste for playing the role of healer is remarkable, though I don't understand how Peeta had received no gifts from the sponsors while Katniss did.
Peeta and Katniss play the role of lovers almost flawlessly, though how Katniss can still think that Peeta is playing a role is beyond me.
I was sad at Foxface's fate. That girl was truly as clever as a fox. I think the biggest shocker for me were the Muttations. That totally blew me away and broke my heart all at the same time!
The last few chapters of the book were totally new for me. I've seen the movie and these chapters were surprisingly absent from the film. I look forward to getting my hands on book two
I give this book 5 of 5 paws

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reborn: The Book of Dain by Casse Narome

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This book caught my interest very quickly. Tara is so sure Dylan is her friend Dain it nearly breaks her heart and his when he says he isn't who she's looking for.
I'm not sure what to make of Missy. I get the whole jealous girlfriend thing but seriously there's a fine line between relationship and possession.
Tara is definitely a unique character. She seems so child like an innocent, but I can't help to think that she's anything but.
Dylan's skepticism of Tara's words make absolute sense, as does the curiosity that's gnawing away at him.
I love the notion of reincarnation very much. and the Romeo and Juliet type lives Dain and Tara have had is beautiful. Even when they don't remember each other, they still know each other.
This is a powerful story. This is only the second book I've read this year that has brought tears to my eyes.. I can't wait for the next book, just to see if all the pain and hurt will ease even if just a little
I give this book 5 of 5 paws

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back to War (Corps Justice 1) by C.G.Cooper

I want to begin by saying. I am glad I'm a member of i Love eBooks ARC. If it hadn't been for them, I would never have found C.G.Cooper or his books. I normally don't read "modern" themed books (unless they'reparanormal) but since I'd joined the ARC I find myself reading all kinds of books I normally wouldn't.
Even as I dislike military and modern novels, I promise my review is non discriminitory, and very honest.
I love the format of this book. I'm a huge fan of screenplays and absolutely enjoyed the movie-esque feel while reading this.
This book starts with violence. It's written so vividly you can see it, you can feel each wound inflicted on the fighters, you can smell the blood. C..G definitely has a way with the written word, so much so you get lost in the world he's created right away.
(I could have done without the image of gauged our eyeballs though lol)
I also liked how the military slang terms (for instance, "Gunny") had the actual names in parenthesis for those of the civilian type.
The story line was well thought out. It's clear C.G.Cooper did his homework when it comes to how the Marine branch of the Military is run. I can see Cal as every bit the calculated weapon he was trained to be. Even while Incapacitated he knew there would be trouble and insisted on being prepared for anything.
The book and more than likely the entire series was written with a military mind. Of that I have no doubt. I honestly believe this book would make a great action movie. One to rival Jason Bourne in it's detail and plot line.
The only gripe with the novel, are the flashback stories they aren't bad, quite the opposite actually. I wish it wasn't so short. Maybe Mr. Cooper will consider lengthening them into little novellas as he did with God-Speed.
Cal's history is quite interesting. The way he strove to avenge his parents and uphold everything his father had made SSI into is amazing. MSgt Trent's backstory is very relatable to anyone that grew up in the hood. Ghettos are a nightmare regardless of your size. I really liked his back story a lot.
I also think I'm not the only one who would enjoy seeing a short story as to how Dante got himself all twisted into what he was made to be.
The action scenes are well thought out. So much so I was able to picture the darts and the confusion. This book was beautifully written.
Although a little slow to start since this isn't my normal genre to read.. I did enjoy the story very much. I give Back to War 4 of 5

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mohawk Moon (Mohawk Series 1) by N Kuhn

$0.99 in the US ][ £1.02 in the UK
I enjoyed this book. The whole “cowboys and indians” thing intrigues me a lot. I love how the story is written from two Point of views.
If you’re like me and used to books written in the past (ex. I held his hand.) You may get a little confused at first since this book is written in the present tense, (ex. I hold his hand). This of course didn’t slow me down for very long in the least.
I was hooked from the opening the page and eagerly ate up every bit of this family feud between the Mohawk people and the Sunderlands.
The sexual tension between Jany and Damien is magnetic really, The thoughts that run through Jany’s head whenever Damien is near her brought many smiles to my face, at times I’d chuckle loudly enough to have my husband look at me weird!
There is sex woven into this tale, but relax it’s pretty much still pg-13. It’s written so beautifully that you can’t help but to see every touch and kiss in your mind’s eye, without the need for explicit words or scenes. While Jany and Damien fight the love they have for each other, which one would swear has been there since before they were, you can feel it in every nuance given by them both.
This book is the perfect blend of Romance and Action.
All in all, I give Mohawk Moon 5 out of 5 stars. My only regret is that it’s not long enough and that I don’t own Mohawk Sunrise to see what happens next. Excellent Job Nicole. I expect to see more from you than just these two works >^.^<

Witch Weigh by Carolyn Mickelson

I'll begin by saying When I first started this book, I did not like Tessa at all. I wanted in fact to slap the arrogant, spoiled brat in the mouth for her insolence toward the older witches.
I do however give praise to Ms. Mickelson for being creatively capable to bring a character to life in such a magnitude. Its a lost art among the older more recognized authors, but this book brings hope to us book lovers as indie writers are reviving the craft.
Many applause to the council on how they handled Tessa! I can't say I would have been as lienient though lol.
Enter Liam.. Can you say meow ladies? A fairy of the hottest order. I was very amused at Tessa's first reaction to her "fairy godmother".
The "lessions" Tessa endures from Liam had me laughing out right the whole time. I could only wish those us real witches had the capabilities to do even half the things in this book!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shattered Grace (Fallen from Grace 1) by K Anne Raines

I put off starting this book for a few days. Something inside me told that to start this book would be hard on me. And it was. This story is wonderfully written. So much so that as soon as you read the first line, you are in tune to Grace and her emotions. As many book lovers can attest, the greatest books are the ones that transform the reader into the main character. K Anne Raine has managed to do just that in this book.
Grace is seemingly like any other girl her age, which is a good thing. Too many authors take a teenager and write their roles as if they were adults so their mannerisms are all wrong. But Grace is exactly where she should be at her age. Quentin is a bit more complex than most others of his unique brand of being. He's definitely more human than I've encountered before. I can related well with Grace having grown up much the way she did. Where she cries for her grandfather, for me it was my grandmother.
I am still amazed at how well the characters are written. There was so much put into Grace that one can not help but "be" her while they read her story.You can feel every doubt, fear, worry that flows through the character as if it were your own. You smile at her high points, get choked up at her low points. You probably end up wanting to slap Quentin more than Grace does at time, and of course you absolutely fall in love him as well.
I have mixed feelings about Amanda though. Though her role in the story is very small, she does leave an imprint on the reader. I for one see Amanda as being Grace's polar opposite and can not for the life of me understand why she's that disturbed girl's friend! At the same time I can relate and understand too.. I had several Amanda's as friends growing up.
I like how Zeke is your typical boy in like. Darius I haven't figured out yet though.
Also, a big plus on K Anne's part for knowing what Melatonin is! It's a gods send in my house for restless children lol!
With completing the book I found myself a bit depressed since the second one isn't out yet.. I'll definitely be looking for it.
All in all this book is beautifully written and I can't wait to get my hands on the second book.
I give this book 5 out 5 stars... Get yourselves a copy and step into the world of Grace Morgan >^.^<

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Destroyer of Worlds by Dennis Sharpe

This story set me in mind of Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series or a Twilight Zone episode!
David is seemingly stuck in perpetual loop. Repeating the same time over and over again. When he returns to the Destroyer he always answers the question the same, and yet he hasn’t figured out what must be done to avoid the loop.
I did smile at his efforts, but in my opinion the way to end the loop lied in his answer to the destroyer not in the things he did outside of that.
I liked how in each loop there were slight differences that slowly opened David’s eyes to the fact that he was in deed stuck in a loop.
The end of this story..Made me cry and smile all at the same time. Dennis Sharpe added a touch of magick to this work and the world should read it they haven’t yet.
5 out of 5 Paws

Stepping Into More by Rachel Karu

$8.99 in the US ][ £5.84 in the UK  (Amazon)
Goodreads ][ Barnes & Noble

I will begin my review with giving kudos to Ms. Karu for sharing with her own personal “gremlins” It definitely makes the reader see that they aren’t the only one who suffers with them, and lets them see that perhaps theirs aren’t as bad as they’d initially thought.
I am a memoir lover to begin with, I particularly liked Stepping Into More because not only was it a memoir about someone who has attributes similiar to my own, but because this person also learned how to deal with it and has opened herself to help the many that suffer from the same.
I was almost shocked to read how similar our childhoods were. Though the biggest difference was Ms. Karu’s constant moving. I smiled a bit when she became a “punker” since it reminded my of my own life back at that age.
The summaries at the end of each are vital to the reader and should not be overlooked as mere summaries of the chapter. While they are summaries of the chapter, I feel Ms. Karu placed there as sort of study guides. A way for the reader to see how to deal with certain situations and when to let that perfectionist come out and when to hold it at bay. Using herself as the example in each “lesson” was an ingenious tool. It alleviates the lecture sense most texts on how to improve yourself impose, therefore lightening the mood on the reader so they can still enjoy the memoir without feeling the pressures of the semi hidden lessons.
The questions at the end of each chapter re amazing! They really make the reader sit down and really think to answer them. I think I’m still trying to figure out the answers to these questions myself. I DO think the questions are very important since they make the reader really sit down and evaluate their own experiences. I, myself never thought of myself as suffering from Perfectionism. That assumption has been painfully reversed as with each chapter I read, I saw more and more of myself as the one telling the story.
At one point I was almost sure Ms. Karu had somehow figured out my own experiences in life and somehow even tapped into the very core of my being. I’m sure many others who read this book feel the same way. And really, that’s what makes this book an excellent learning tool. The author has written this with her whole heart. I’m quite sure as she remembered missing one grandfather’s funeral and nearly missing the other one that those desperate. anxious tears fell again just they had at the times of the events.
As I’ve read I’ve walked through Ms. Karu’s life, laughed at her points, shed tears at her most painful points. These are the marks of a good writer. Someone who can make you see and feel everything their main character does, especially when that main character is them self. After all a memoir is written to gain closure and understanding and I assure you upon the understanding part, Ms. Karu hit the mark. As to the closure? She alone knows if this have helped her.