Monday, March 18, 2013

Mohawk Moon (Mohawk Series 1) by N Kuhn

$0.99 in the US ][ £1.02 in the UK
I enjoyed this book. The whole “cowboys and indians” thing intrigues me a lot. I love how the story is written from two Point of views.
If you’re like me and used to books written in the past (ex. I held his hand.) You may get a little confused at first since this book is written in the present tense, (ex. I hold his hand). This of course didn’t slow me down for very long in the least.
I was hooked from the opening the page and eagerly ate up every bit of this family feud between the Mohawk people and the Sunderlands.
The sexual tension between Jany and Damien is magnetic really, The thoughts that run through Jany’s head whenever Damien is near her brought many smiles to my face, at times I’d chuckle loudly enough to have my husband look at me weird!
There is sex woven into this tale, but relax it’s pretty much still pg-13. It’s written so beautifully that you can’t help but to see every touch and kiss in your mind’s eye, without the need for explicit words or scenes. While Jany and Damien fight the love they have for each other, which one would swear has been there since before they were, you can feel it in every nuance given by them both.
This book is the perfect blend of Romance and Action.
All in all, I give Mohawk Moon 5 out of 5 stars. My only regret is that it’s not long enough and that I don’t own Mohawk Sunrise to see what happens next. Excellent Job Nicole. I expect to see more from you than just these two works >^.^<

Witch Weigh by Carolyn Mickelson

I'll begin by saying When I first started this book, I did not like Tessa at all. I wanted in fact to slap the arrogant, spoiled brat in the mouth for her insolence toward the older witches.
I do however give praise to Ms. Mickelson for being creatively capable to bring a character to life in such a magnitude. Its a lost art among the older more recognized authors, but this book brings hope to us book lovers as indie writers are reviving the craft.
Many applause to the council on how they handled Tessa! I can't say I would have been as lienient though lol.
Enter Liam.. Can you say meow ladies? A fairy of the hottest order. I was very amused at Tessa's first reaction to her "fairy godmother".
The "lessions" Tessa endures from Liam had me laughing out right the whole time. I could only wish those us real witches had the capabilities to do even half the things in this book!