Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Heart You (Roommate Romance Series) by Rene Folsom

I have to say, though as most of you by now know, Erotica is not my genre of choice. This review is being done for a friend.
I loved how it began. I have no idea how old these characters are. If I had to guess, I'd say college age, or freshly out of college. They're fun, high spirited best friends.
Kara comes off as a party girl, Sam more as the quiet unintentionally shy type. Kara has no idea how Sam feels about her. The opening scene was a great way to break the ice and even had me chuckling a bit.
This story, being as short as it is, takes no time at all to go from rated R to XXX. It's a steamy read, and very descriptive. It's a sure favorite for any fan of the genre
I give this book 4 of 5

Freak of Nature (IFICS 1) by Julia Crane

Where to being with this one? I guess at the beginning. Dr.Harrington has accomplished something mankind has strived to find a way to do for decades, merge man and machine in a cyborg.
Only he and his team made one mistake, they never took into account the power and strength in the human mind. Kaitlyn is the name given to cyborg superhuman IFICS created. A beautiful girl who died in some tragic accident that's never gone into detail with.
She wakes up a cyborg, more machine than flesh. She dreams of her past, and still has human emotion and feeling.
I liked this book. It's a common theme taken in an entirely new direction. The fact that Kate can feel and have random human thoughts isn't anything new when it comes to stories about the cyborg race, however the fact that people can look at her and see her as more than just a machine is.
Lucas' conscious plays a large part in his parts of the book. He knows they've effectively played god and not one brought Kate back from the dead, but pretty much gave her immortality in the process.
The fact that he has feelings for her is a nice twist to this story.
Quess is written to sound younger than she is. She's described as small, and the impression is given that the three or four years that separate Kate and Quess' age will turn Quess from a child into an adult. I'm not sure how other 13/14 years are or were, but I was more mature than Quess at that age. I found myself having to continuously remind myself that Quess is a teenager not an eight year old.
I still liked the character a lot though. The fact that she'd stand up for Kate on more than one occasion speaks volumes for her character.
I almost cried when the reason she'd been created drew near, and sighed in relief at Lucas' heroics. This story is definitely a roller-coaster of emotions!
Fans of sci fi, friendship, love, and adventure are sure to love this story. I look forward to the next installment of IFICS.
I give this book 5 of 5
Cu'Anam a Reviewer

Awakened (Few Are Angels 2) by Inger Iversen

Awakened picks up right where Few Are Angels ended. This one however starts with Helene having a vision of the events that happened to Ella.
I liked this book better than the first one. That in itself is a rarity. Where Few Are Angels was solely Ella's point of view, Awakened has multiple points of view. This of course gives the reader a better understanding of the events unfolding without there being many holes.
Other than the point of view and the missing quotes at the start of each chapter, the writing style is very much the same as it was in Few Are Angels. This writing style is good for younger readers (roughly in the mid teens) and still holds that Stephanie Meyers feel to it.
I feel the characters are bit more differentiated in this book as well. They've each evolved a bit since book one and their defining qualities stand out better.
Ella's situation is now a dire one. Alex, Mia, Kale, and Jace are risking hell to fix the situation but of course everything is working against them from the Council, to the Chory, and even the local police department.
The lines of good and bad blur badly in this story and you're left feeling much like Jace for awhile and he struggles to understand why his father is sounding a lot like Laurent when it comes to the Arc.
This book's ending comes as even more of a shocking surprise than the end of the first book.
I give this book 5 of 5