Monday, April 1, 2013

Of Gaea (Of Legacies 1) by Victoria Escobar

Of Gaea starts out just like any other book with a teenage girl for the main character. There is one difference, Ari, the main character of this book is in wheelchair and very much hating this fact.
Aside from Ari's bitterness and deprecation of her situation, I think she's an outstanding role model for children, who like herself, are disabled, even if that disability is different from Ari's.
Like most people in high school, Ari has a bully, Damia, the girl who is the reason behind Ari's current situation. Couple that with Damia's apparent obsession with Ari's best friend and hotty Sasha and it's a disturbing outcome.
A lot of people may have some trouble with the names.. Though they aren't too hard to pronounce even if the spelling throws you off.
Lyris is fun character. I can almost picture the fun Victoria had in creating her unique brand of "crazy" She will definitely throw the reader for a loop or two.
As things start to piece themselves together for Ari, you can sense the inner struggle she deals with. People who she's trusted her entire life she's unsure of whether or not she can still trust them. That's something every reader can relate to.
Ghita reminds me of my grandparents, always pushing their beliefs on me when it wasn't the path destined for me. I felt every shred of hurt from Ari as Ghita tried again and again to force hers on Ari.
I am very impressed with this author's knowledge of Gaea and the Pagan ways. She's got our ways down to a tee which is a rarity, though I suspect you may have pagan blood in her veins if she doesn't openly practice.
This book is not only a fascinating fictional read, it's also a great way to gain some inside into those of us who follow the old ways.
This book is amazingly written nd I eagerly await the next installment of it.. I give this book 5 of 5...Victoria keep coming out with books of this magnitude and you'll go far >^.^<

To Kiss A Ghost (The Hungry Ghost 2) by Becky Pourchot

The Quick Of It - A great story that will make you laugh, smile, and cry as you cheer for Gala in her new mission

Long of it -

First things first. I love the prologue. Since I haven't gotten to read the first book, I'm at least not totally clueless due to the short yet detailing explaination of the first book.
I also like the apparent time and research Becky put into learning aura color meanings and other aspects most people don't notice.
I can sympathize with Gala more than I'd like to in the aspect of ghost communication.
I really started getting into the book around chapter four. The part with the Captcha really had my skin crawling!
Gala at first comes off as annoying and a little selfish. I get that the ability is annoying. I get that more than I should, but she seemed to make a whole lot of decisions she shouldn't have and for selfish reasons. Luckily she got into the swing of things rather quickly.
I loved the ghosts being tied to their places by their own things. From what I've researched on spirits some actually do get bound by objects and will be forced to go where the object is.
I really liked Roy. He was clumsy and funny but really sweet at heart.
I loved how the story can send chills up the spine..but at the same time still be okay with letting your tween read it.
I promise any lover of the paranormal will laugh, smile, and cry while reading this book.. I give it 4 of 5.. It would probably 5 if I'd had a copy of the first book.