Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Raksha (Blood and Fire 1) by Frankie Rose

First things first.. This book is amazing. It puts me in mind of the movie Gladiator, except our hero is a female instead of a male. The way the people live reminds me of a cross between the districts from the Hunger Games and the Soul Society from the anime Bleach. The fact I can see either in my head is a testiment to this author's writing ability.
The only problem I found was that I not bothered to read the blurb for the book, it would have been two chapters before it was made known that our main character is a girl and not a boy. This story was well thought out and and written beautifully.
Ryka is the type of person you can't help but want to beat the crap out in the beginning. Again this author's style is oso fluid you can feel the ire bubbling just below Kit's surface as he delibrately taunts her.
This book will keep your heart pounding and keep you up well past bedtime. I found it impossible to put down and I eagerly await the release of Radicals.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws
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